Software Engineer (Blockchain)


  • Develop and deliver on new product features and technical infrastructure investments.
  • Document and maintain software and technical infrastructure.
  • Prioritize testability and reliability for both existing and new systems and components.
  • Collaborate with other engineers and stakeholders to deliver on great end user experiences.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field OR relevant experience developing and shipping software products.
  • 1 year of professional experience as a programmer, software engineer, data scientist, or similar role.
  • Experience with one or more object oriented programming language (e.g. JavaScript, Java, Python, React, NextJS, NodeJS, web3 libraries etc)
  • Solid communication and collaboration skills.
  • Highly adaptable and willing to work on a wide variety of projects and initiatives.
  • Passion for generative art, digital ownership, or the benefits of decentralization
  • Experience with web frontend development, e.g. JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Experience developing web3 applications

Job Details

  • Negotiable
  • Remote


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