(Senior) QA/Testing Engineer- Crypto, multiple headcounts

Our clients are ones of the most competitive participants in the crypto world, and they’re looking for talented QA/Testing Engineers to join their team. Competitive packages are offered to the shortlisted.

1. Develop test plans, write test cases, and control project risks and quality
2. Complete various testing tasks, including but not limited to functional testing, automated testing, performance testing and stress testing
3. Generate test reports and other related documents, maintain and organize the records
4. Troubleshooting problems encountered in the testing process, analyze the reasons and proposing solutions

1. 3+ years of hands-on working experience of QA/ Testing experience.
2. Solid skills of automated testing or related certification (e.g. ISTQB)
3. Skillset: One or more language of Python/ Golang/ JavaScript/ Java/ C++; issue tracking product such as Jira;
4. Additionally, those with Fiddler, Charles, Postman, Linux, SQL are a plus.
5. Working experience in financial/ crypto firms or related projects/ clients is an advantage.
6. Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

(資深)測試工程師- 加密貨幣產業

1. 撰寫測試計畫、腳本,控制專案風險及質素
2. 執行多項測試計畫,包含但不限於功能測試、自動化測試、效能測試、壓力測試等
3. 紀錄測試結果並管理相關檔案
4. 研究與改善測試的條件及方法,分析其原因並提出改善方案

1. 三年以上測試相關工作經驗
2. 紮實的自動化測試技能,或具備相關檢定證明(例如: ISTQB)
3. 技能: 熟悉Python/ Golang/ JavaScript/ Java/ C++ 等一種或多種程式語言;Jira等專案管理工具。具備Fiddler, Charles, Postman, Linux, SQL等技能者佳
4. 有加密貨幣/區塊鏈/金融機構或相關專案/客戶工作經驗者佳
5. 獨立思考和良好的溝通能力,學習速度快,樂於分享
6. 流利的英語、廣東話和普通話

Job Details

  • Competitive
  • Hong Kong
  • Permanent


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